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SummerStrong 11

This event is unlike any other clinic or seminar. SummerStrong is unique in that its purpose and vision is to allow, and in fact, urge experts and recreational athletes to share and learn from one another, regardless of perceived level or experience. We realized long ago that the best training information was not always being conveyed at a sterile conference with hundreds of chairs, dark lights, and power points. Rather, it was in noisy, sweaty weight rooms, under a bar, chalk in the air, with ALL senses heightened. The golden nuggets of training info that changed our athletic careers were usually learned over a beer with strength peers away from the conference halls. It was learn-by-doing, and feeling the other person's passion for strength and performance enhancement. We were able to learn the backstory of coaches and athletes, and, most importantly, discover the stuff NOT written on the workouts.

This year's Summer Strong event offers an estimated 7 CSCCa CEUs and 1 NSCA CEUs. Attendees seeking CEUs will receive a certificate for 3 days of attendance. We will confirm exact CEUs asap.

speaker Lineup

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Brandon Lilly 

Brandon Lilly is a very well traveled, Elite powerlifter. He has trained at Guerrilla Squad Barbell, Westside Barbell, Lexen Xtreme, and is now home at Berea Barbell. In his strength journey he has competed in bodybuilding, strongman, and powerlifting. Brandon is one of only 19 men to ever total over 2200 raw, having 2204 which ties him for 16th all time (826.5 squat, 573 bench, 804.5 Deadlift). Brandon amassed a 2530 total in Multi-Ply, and has best lifts of 1005 squat, 820 bench press, and 765 Deadlift. Brandon is the author of The Cube Method and is aiming to create a paradigm shift in the Powerlifting World.

Gunnar Peterson

Gunnar Peterson is a Beverly Hills-based personal trainer whose clients include celebrities, professional athletes, and everyday people. Gunnar works with each on an individual basis, focusing on achieving long-term results through challenging and constantly varied workouts. He is widely recognized for his expertise in functional training and his commitment to developing and implementing innovative fitness techniques. With over 20 years in the fitness industry, Gunnar’s dynamic approach, boundless energy and humor only add to the effectiveness of the experience his clients enjoy. Gunnar is certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association and is a graduate of Duke University. He is an editor and writes a regular column for Men's Fitness magazine, and is on the advisory board for Fitness magazine

Jen Widerstrom

At the forefront of the health and fitness community, Jen Widerstrom is widely known for her role as America’s big hearted body coach and emotional backbone for the NBC's long standing and hit series, "The Biggest Loser." By looking at the weight loss journey from the inside out, Jen’s approach isn’t as simple as a basic diet and exercise plan. Her methodology stands upon honoring the individual and through applying her self-experienced tools of success, people thrive and small victories are transformed into huge accomplishments.


Ingrid Marcum

As Ingrid traveled the world training and competing as a multi-sport athlete, she was fortunate enough to build a career helping others reach their own fitness and athletic goals. Today, she is a sought after speaker, educator, strength & conditioning coach and movement specialist. Frequent speaker at events such as: Perform Better, IDEA World, Perform Better Europe, CPTN, Summer Strong 8, Women's Fitness Summit, NSCA


Ryan Horn

Ryan Horn is in his fourth season with the Wake Forest basketball program in 2017-18. Horn serves as the Demon Deacons’ Director of Athletic Performance. Horn’s work has been vital to Wake Forest’s resurgence as the Deacs returned to the NCAA Tournament in 2017. Horn joined the Demon Deacons in April 2014 after working under head coach Danny Manning at Tulsa where he helped the Golden Hurricane win the 2013-14 Conference USA regular season and tournament championships--the program’s first title since 2003. Horn is an approved mentor and strength and conditioning coach certified through the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association. He is also a certified Sports Performance Coach through USA Weightlifting and a Level 1 Track and Field Coach through USA Track and Field.


Derek Woodske

Derek began his journey and passion into the world of human performance through his athletic success as a NCAA All-American and National Champion in track and field. Derek was able to apply that success beyond college when he represented his home country as a member of the Canadian National Team. Derek retired from track and field to pursue his passion, working in both the NFL and NCAA as a professional coach before taking on the world as a public speaker.

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Jim Kiritsy

Jim Kiritsy is Kennesaw State's director of strength & conditioning for football. He was hired by head coach Brian Bohannon on March 31, 2014. In this role, Kiritsy is responsible for developing a comprehensive player development program designed to achieve three primary goals: injury prevention, athletic performance enhancement and mental discipline development. Prior to arriving at Kennesaw State, Kiritsy served three seasons as associate director for strength and conditioning at The Citadel where his responsibilities included coordinating all aspects of the Bulldogs' men’s basketball and wrestling training programs. Kiritsy is a graduate of the Corp of Cadets from Norwich and served as a member of the Corps Honor Committee in 2008-09. He holds certifications in CPR and AED (automated external defibrillator) from the American Red Cross, and is Strength and Conditioning Coach Certified (SCCC) through the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association.

aaron_ausmus bw.png

Aaron Ausmus

Double A‘s passion for iron has been since 9th grade and stayed with him through his life today. This passion sparked early success in high school track and field as a thrower. He became a NCAA Shot Put Champion in college, which provided the path to begin a career as a strength coach.  Double A began as a graduate assistant at Tennessee and full time assistant at the University of Southern California. He moved to his first head coach position at Idaho. From there Aaron was the head strength coach at the following schools: Ole Miss, North Texas, Tennessee, and the University of Southern California.  Aaron has worked with many sports as a strength coach, but with a concentration in football.  Highlights include being a part of a Football National Championship of two different teams (Tennessee and Southern California), along with coaching numerous All-Americans and future NFL greats.

Aaron began working with Sorinex during the early fall of 2015.  Along with Representing the Bosco Brand on the West Coast, Aaron continues his coaching craft by continuing to mentor coaches of all levels.  Whether it’s daily post on his IG @penandpaperstrengthapp, visiting and training with strength staffs, writing Strength Blogs, consultation and staff development, and organizing/programming for #squatober, #deadcember, and #springcleaning, Aaron keeps a high passion for helping others. 

Alexander Oliver

Alex is Co-Owner/Founder of Virginia High Performance, a premier training facility in Virginia Beach. He spent 21 years as a Navy SEAL with 9+ combat deployments. He held multiple leadership roles from combat to selection and assessment of other operators. Alex helped develop the Human Performance Program to increase physical, mental and sleep performance within Naval Special Warfare. He is now working with the "No Fail Mission" program which was designed to help recovering vets get back in shape or get past any limitations they may have sustained in combat. Alex focuses on enhancing both their physical and mental performance. 


Cal Dietz

Cal has been the Head Olympic Strength and Conditioning coach for numerous sports at the University of Minnesota since 2000. Since Dietz's return to Minnesota, he has developed their Strength and Conditioning Programs and overseen the daily progress in Men's Hockey from 2000-present, Men's' Basketball from 2004-2010, Women's Hockey from 2003-present, Men's Golf from 2000-present, Women's Golf from 2006-present Men's Swimming from 2000-Present, Track and Field from 2000-present, Baseball from 2000-2007, 2010 -present, and Wrestling from 2000 to 2004.  Cal is also the co-Author of Triphasic Training: A Systematic Approach to Elite Speed and Explosive Strength Performance.


Jay Feruggia

Fitness expert, life strategist, author, speaker, host of the #RenegadeRadioPodcast, adventurer, old school hip hop head, NY Giants & Yankees fan. You may have seen his work in Men’s Health, Muscle & Fitness, Maximum Fitness, Men’s Fitness, Fast Company, Huffington Post, LiveStrong, Muscle & Fitness Hers, Shape, Entrepreneur, Details or on ESPN or CBS. Jay has been an industry leader for 20+ years and paved the way for many trends like group training, underground / hardcore gyms, etc. "Over the course of my life I’ve been physically and mentally weak, skinny, fat, sad, depressed, insecure, painfully shy, socially awkward, crippled with anxiety and indecision, struggled with addiction, and have gone broke on more than one occasion." Overcoming those obstacles took many years and a lot of hard work. I read and listened to over 500 books. I attended countless conferences and workshops. I hired coaches and mentors. I cut out the negative deadbeats in my life. I slowly eliminated one bad habit at a time and replaced it with a new one. What I learned after all that is that Thoreau, Da Vinci and Bruce Lee were right.

Simplicity is the key to health, wealth and happiness.

Mike Rodriguez

Sergeant First Class Michael “Rod” Rodriguez is a retired Special Forces Green Beret with nine deployments, from his first in Somalia with 10th Mountain Division to his last in Afghanistan with 7th Special Forces Group.  His last assignment was as a Sniper Instructor at Fort Bragg (Range 37) where he was medically retired after 21 years of continuous service for numerous injuries he received while in service to our great nation.

Rodriguez advocates for Veterans and their families and speaks publicly on the need to decrease the misunderstanding between civilians and the military.  He is a huge advocate for Art and the impact it has on everyone’s lives and he practices his very own in the form of metalwork and blacksmithing.

Rodriguez serves as a member for President George W. Bush’s Military Service Initiative Advisory Council, he is the Executive Ambassador for the Green Beret Foundation, sits on the Leadership Board of the Global War on Terror Memorial Foundation, and is also on the Veteran Advisory Council for the VA in North Carolina.  Rodriguez assists with several other non-profits and is always only a phone call or email away for both the Civilian and Military community. Rodriguez was also inducted as a Fellow into the lauded “Explorers Club” based in Manhattan for his research efforts on Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress.  He is a graduate student at Norwich University pursuing a Master’s Degree in Diplomacy.


Laura Zerra

Backcountry guide, Survival instructor, Writer, and Public speaker. Laura's skill set includes  building shelters, primitive technology, primitive fire, hide tanning, hunting, trapping, and plant identification. 

In 2013, Laura was able to put her skills to the test, spending 21 days in full survival in Bocas del Toro, Panama, as a cast member of the Discovery show “Naked and Afraid”. As an all-star cast member, she was asked to return to complete another 21-day challenge in the Peruvian Amazon, and again to complete 40 days in the Colombian savanna in Season 1 of “Naked and Afraid XL”.

Laura became interested in survival as a way to connect to land in a visceral way, and gain freedom and independence in the wild. Though open to learning new skills and techniques from anyone she encountered, Laura is largely self-taught and believes that being humble enough to learn from failure is an important part of everyone's learning process. She spent a number of years traveling around North America, and putting herself into situations that would push her comfort zone and therefore force her to adapt and learn new skills. Laura believes that survival isn't necessarily about memorizing every technique in the book, but rather about learning what your needs are, and then using whatever is around you to meet them in any environment. She believes flexibility and the ability to improvise are some of the most important traits for any survivalist.

While not surviving in the wild, Laura enjoys shed antler hunting, horse packing and horseback riding, fitness training, travel, rock climbing, scuba diving, free diving, whitewater kayaking, and anything that pushes her comfort zone. Laura's previous jobs have included mushroom hunter, taxidermist, farrier, butcher, and survival instructor. She loves learning and new experiences, and is a true nomad at heart.


Tony Sentmanat

Tony Sentmanat is a Marine Corps Veteran and retired Law Enforcement SWAT Operator with almost 20 years of Real World experience. He is a life long practitioner in Mixed Martial Arts with extensive experience as a Law Enforcement Combative's Trainer and has been a Firearms Instructor for over 17 years. Tony also has 16 years of experience as a functional strength and conditioning trainer specializing in functional fitness for combat athletes. Upon finishing his military service he started his law enforcement career as a State Correctional Officer, and then quickly transferred to become a Law Enforcement Officer. Tony spent most of his career in SWAT where he was involved in over 600 real world operations before retiring early in 2016. Through out his years of service Tony gained extensive experience in undercover surveillance, tactical operations, fugitive recovery and worked many high profile cases with Federal Agencies from around the country. In 2016 he retired from Law Enforcement to pursue is life long dream of starting his own business, where he has been able to share with the world the experiences he has gained throughout his life.

Dr. Eric Serrano

Dr. Eric Serrano, MD, serves as the Chief Medical Director & Formulator of Muscle Pharm Corp. Dr. Serrano serves as a Medical Advisor of LLC. He is Physician in Pataskala, Ohio. He has been practicing medicine in Ohio for over 12 years and is considered one of the leading sports nutrition doctors in the country. His areas of expertise include sports medicine, weight loss, nutritional supplements, and strength and conditioning. He consults and lectures at conferences world wide. He serves as a Member of Scientific Advisory Board of Muscle Pharm Corp. He served as Professor of family practice medicine at the Ohio State University. Dr. Serrano earned degrees at Kansas State University and Kansas University. He studied Medical Doctor at KU. Dr. Serrano completed Master Studies in Kinesiology, KSU and Bachelor's of Science in Biology at KSU.


Kurt Hester

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Louisiana Tech. Hired by Skip Holtz in 2013. Hester joined the Louisiana Tech Family after serving as a National Director of Training for the D1 Sports Training Center in Nashville, Tenn. since 2008. He worked with training several professional athletes from leagues such as the National Football League (NFL), Major League Baseball (MLB), National Basketball Association (NBA), Major League Soccer (MLB), National Hockey League (NHL) and the NFL Combine classes. One NFL player notable to Tech fans that Hester has worked with is former Bulldog quarterback Luke McCown.

Concurrent to his tenure at D1 Sports Training, Hester also worked as the Director of Training at the Manning Passing Academy as he designed a training program for over 1,300 high school athletes and delivered a specific training seminar for high school and college coaches.

Hester was an assistant strength coach at LSU from 1995-98, working with the speed development program for then-football coach Gerry Dinardo and worked primarily with the LSU baseball team as it won two national championships under legendary coach Skip Bertman. Hester also worked with the men's basketball, women's soccer and women's golf programs as well as with the varsity cheerleaders. Hester has certifications as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) from the National Strength & Conditioning Association and also has his Speed Agility & Conditioning certification as well as his Level 1 certification from the United States Weightlifting Association.


Mike Srock

During Mike Srock's 16 years at James F. Byrnes High School, the Rebels have won the South Carolina 4A football state championship eight times in the last twelve years, with the most recent championship being the 2011 championship. The Rebels' record since 2002 is 159-16. The Rebels also hold the distinction of earning the 2008 National SPARQ Training Challenge Championship. In his tenure at Byrnes High, the Rebels have had 23 Shrine Bowl players, 28 North/South players, and 17 State Strength Meet Varsity Division Champions. Coach Srock programs and trains every sport (male and female) at James F. Byrnes High School. A graduate of St. Thomas University in Florida, Srock is a Certified Specialist for Speed and Explosion with the National Association of Speed and Explosion (NASE), and he also serves on the NASE National Board of Directors and the Certification Board. He is a Senior Level and Sports Performance Coach with USA Weightlifting, and a Bronze Level Coach with USA Wrestling. Srock is a Certified Tsunami Bar Coach and a Certified Kettlebell Instructor with KettleBell Concepts.


Dan McKim

World Champion (x4), National Champion (x6) and World Record Holder in the Scottish Highland Games - doing it all for God's glory! Current Midwest Rep @ Sorinex Exercise Equipment. 

Daniel McKim has always had a knack for throwing things – what started out as throwing fits and pity parties, has turned into throwing heavy things. As a 15-time National Track and Field Qualifier and All-American at Northwest Missouri State University, McKim first watched a wild sport on ESPN that later became a passion. He was first intrigued by this sport, the Scottish Highland Games, for the opportunity to throw heavy objects resembling medieval war weapons, but the chance to compete with some of the top strength athletes in the world is what’s kept him in the sport for 10 years. In 2007 he was the world’s top ranked amateur and upon making the jump to the pro ranks, he’s continued the success – 2011 and 2013 World Champion, 2010-2013 US National Champion, two-time World Caber Champion, two world records in the Scottish hammers, and the North American record in the light weight for distance. Argued as one of the greatest caber tossers in recent history, McKim has gone from being a local amateur competitor to a highly sought after worldwide athlete. McKim resides in the Kansas City area with his wife, Natalie, and their five boys.



Matt Vincent

22yrs of strength training and competition in all avenues of strength sports. Track and Field. Strongman. Powerlifting. Weightlifting. Highland games 2 x World Champion.

Author of training books. Owner of apparel company HVIII BRAND GOODS. Host of the UMSO podcast. Youtube Content Creator.