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Summer Strong 10

Sorinex's Summer Strong 10 will be held at Sorinex HQ from Friday May 19th to Sunday May 21st.

This annual event draws a few hundred people to watch competitors perform feats of strength & learn from top Athletes and Athletic Trainers in the fitness industry. Competitions include the Sorinex Ultimate Athlete Combine, which is made up of 10 different events, similar to a football/athletic combine. This will determine the "Ultimate Athlete". There will be individuals and teams and all skill-sets are welcome. Whether you're an entry-level or top-tier athlete, we want to see what you've got! There are no certifications required, ANY entrant can compete.

The Ultimate Athlete Combine is scored like a decathlon event, where each of the ten combine stations has a Gold Standard. The Gold Standard is equivalent to 1000 points in total, and all scores are scaled from that mark. Gold Standard for each event is listed below.



(Summer Strong 9 events listed below)

1. Versa Pulley Max Out
1 set, 10 pulls max
Highest value scores (while being able to recover and stay in control)
Pulls are done in a standing position, from the side using both hands
Feet can move, either side can be used
Gold Standard 800 (watts)
Range 0-800 watts

2. Bench Press
Tendo Power Analyzer
3 Reps using peak power output (watts)
Median number in each series will be counted
Median number out of three series for final score

Example -
Set One: 750, 760, 745 (median 750)
Set Two: 725, 800, 765 (median 765)
Set Three: 820, 695, 735 (median 735)
Final Score: 750

Men: 185lbs
Women: 95lbs
3 Attempts
Gold Standard 1000

3. Max Deadlift Lockout
Diamond Bar
3 attempts to achieve maximum lift
Misses or successful lift count for attempt
Bar only goes up in weight for each lifter
Gold Standard 800lbs (Men)
Gold Standard 500lbs (Women)

4. Standing Broad Jump
Total distance on best attempt
Measured from start line to the closet body part of landing
Do not have to "stick" the landing. If athlete falls, must fall forward.
3 attempts
Gold Standard 10'6"
Range 0 - 10'6"

5. Concept 2 Rower
2000m for time
1 attempt
Gold Standard 6:00
Range 12:00 - 6:00

6. Versa Climber
1 Minute Sprint
Maximum Vertical Feet
1 attempt
Gold Standard 350ft
Range 0 - 350ft

7. 10-Yard Dash
Fastest attempt counts
3 attempts
Athlete starts behind the line
Time starts at first forward movement, ends at first body part to cross finish line
Gold Standard 1.5 seconds
Range 3.0 - 1.5 seconds

8. Loaded Carry
Men: 24lb vest + 40lb sandbag
Women: 24lb vest + 25lb sandbag
Sandbag can be carried however the athlete sees fit as long as it doesn't touch the ground. Time begins once the athlete steps onto the ramp/concourse. 
Gold Standard: 2:30
Time capped: 7:00

9. Grip Dynometer
Average of best right and left hand attempt for score.
Measured in kilos on calibrated hand dynometer
3 attempts per hand
Gold Standard 120 kilos

10. Mystery Event
TBA at the beginning of the Combine